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Noesis Creationsoft

These files are in .COM form. The .BAS files are source in the form a text file, you can add line numbers to the listings from a text editor to run in GW-BASIC and other BASICs. The PBRUN.COM file is needed as it is the runtime module for Portfolio PowerBASIC. If you get an error stating "no valid PBRUN," rename PBRUN.COM to PBRUN.RUN. I only encountered this when running PRGs from RAM while PBRUN was on a RAM Card. Also be aware that .RUN files can only execute from continuous memory. This means if you save to RAM Card it might be prudent to rename to a .COM file, then back after the save. See April AC at NC for more info.

If you port them to other BASICs send me a copy and I'll add them to the Dee El.

Right mouse button click or Shift Click to download files. If that doesn't work, try clicking and if the file starts to read into your screen as garbage press stop and then save. The trancefer, having been interupted should then start over to disk. If you're on an Amiga then just click.


Atari Portfolio
From the mind of Noesis Creation!

3D.COM 20139 Bytes A waycool 3d graph (actually a 2d graph with depth) that shows the results of a randomly selected number: 1, 0 or -1.
LIGHT2.COM 21092 Bytes Lightning has hit the Portfolio! This is version 2, as of yet version 1 has not made the jump to this platform.
LIGHT21.COM 21033 Bytes Programming the Portfolio as it's own special qwerks, this version of the Lightning PRG takes advantage of some of them. Be sure to try both the SciFi and Magic modes!
LIGHT3.COM 20K Bytes Cyber Storm, don't let that name fool you it's as slow as the others, only it's got a waycool twist!

More Portfolio PRGs.

SNAIL.COM 19721 Bytes The SnailSkin PRG makes it to Folioland
SNAIL2.COM 20368 Bytes 4 SnailSkin plots on one screen!
MORE.COM 19K Bytes The Sine More' PRG comes to the portfolio!
NOTE: You need to unzip these with UNZIP, or STZIP or UltimateZIP, just about any zip utility that can unzip should be able to unzip these. If you are on the net with a Portfolio, then you need to send an article detailing how you did this for Archaic Computer!


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