commodore calculators and adding machines!

Here is a nice old commodore 207 adding machine. Vintage circa 1950s to early 1970s.

207 back
Back label tells how to load paper.

207 insides
Under the hood!

US 8
The US 8 is an electronic adding machine.

US-1M A desktop calculator -- the war was on!

Green Line 979D
Here is a nice clean GL-979D.

GL-979D label
The bottom side label!

Green Line 997R
A set of GL-997Rs

Green Line 997R
Notes some keys are in different locations.


An SR-1800.

SR 9190
The SR 9190 is a very nice scientific calculator. It has all the features the Radio Shack EC-4004 I used at ISU -- sans programming.

SR 9190 box
I got this one Brand New, in the box after CBM had gone out of business.

SR 9190

This page cranked out on an ESCOM A.G. Amiga 1200 060 49MHz, 51Meg RAM -- yep, it didn't take long ;)

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