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The Archaic Computer Gallery:
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In The Gallery you'll find pictures of old computers and Amiga Renderings.

In Dee El you will find the Noesis Creationsofts. These softs are freeware, which means they are free to you and whomever you decide to give them to. Keep in mind that they are copyrighted, so please do not distribute altered copies without my permission. With that -- Enjoy!

It'll be 10 Years this September!

I am the WebMaster for the Treasure Valley/Boise User Group home page as well as the club librarian. TV/BUG is a commodore 64/128 user group with a special interest group in Amiga. I am also the Atari Boise User Group librarian. ABUG is an Atari user group with intersts from the Atari 8-bit and ST, but is totally dedicated to ALL Atari users.

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